Waqf residential and commercial building

It is all work that invests its reward and reward even after a person dies, and it is a good investment in good deeds and an open reward door to multiply good deeds.The International Relief organization gives you the opportunity to participate with us in the residential commercial endowmentYou can donate any amount of money to waqf of the International Relief Organization for the project of completing a residential and commercial building  You will invest it as a share in the endowment, which means that the return on investment can be invested in financing vital projects such as drilling wells, hospitals, schools and development projects on an annual basis.

Presentation of the project

Building of a residential and commercial nature occupies an area of ​​403 (m²) overlooking two interfaces and consists of 8 floors:

  • 1- Ground floor: It consists of 6 stores.
  • 2- The first floor: It consists of 4 offices.
  • 3- The second floor + 5: each floor consists of 4 apartments

Ground floor

It consists of 6 shops and a main entrance to the building

 It covers an area of ​​403 m 2 and overlooks the main facade and the rear façade 

Shop A : has an area: 36,75 m²     

Shop B:  has an area: 41,13 m²

Shop C:  has an area: 89.12 m²

Ground floor plan

The first floor

Consists of 4 offices with a total area (506 m²) overlooking the main and back facade.

Office A: 152,40 m², consisting of a reception room, 4 offices, and a bathroom.

Office B: 76,40 m², consists of a reception room, two offices, and a bathroom.

First Floor Plan


The Main Facade


Second Floor

It consists of 4 apartments, with a total area of ​​(506 m²), overlooking the main facade and the background.

Apartment A has an area: 152,40 m². It consists of a kitchen, a salon, 3 rooms and a bathroom.

Apartment B: has an area :76,40 m², consisting of a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom

A waqf is a permanent donation that cannot be sold or ratified and it is donated and disbursed to whomever the permanent person determines.

The term is to prevent the eye from owning a servant and to believe in spending on an authorized bank.

In light of the difficult humanitarian conditions the world is suffering from, the tragedy of war, poverty and natural disasters. Endowment is one of the charitable ways to get out of these crises, and this was what the international relief organization stopped, which had a distinctive impact in many areas, especially:

Waqf  wells have been drilled in several places in Bangladesh, Burma, Arkan and Africa due to a lack of drinking water


Solar well

drilling Gambia

waqf building mosques "rahma Mosque" in Bangladesh

Zakat on food baskets

Zakat for the release of debtors from the prisons of the Gaza Strip

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