Restoring homes and parenting centers

Restoring homes and parenting centers

Your home is your safety … It is your source of joy … It is the true meaning that you are a human being’ The slogan launched by the international Relief Organization in its campaign to restore and equip the homes of the poor, that the happiest thing for the poor is the renewal of his house so that it covers its windows and doors and responds to the disease from the dangers of cold and wind when he makes it in the corner of his home a kitchen that cooks his children’s food in a healthy atmosphere to live in dignity as a human being. The second stage is to equip the house after rehabilitating it with all basic requirements for furniture, mattresses and electrical appliances such as fridge, washing machine and cooker

Renovation and equipping of houses in the Gaza Strip

Restoration of destroyed homes and mosques inside Burma Arkan affected by hurricanes

In Syria, The international Relief Organization in camp Husseinia to renovate buildings and mosques and clean up the ruins of buildings.

And garbage in the streets and roads knowing that Husseinia camp is the second largest Palestinian camp and a large gathering of Syrians in Syria and suffers from great destruction so we had to support the infrastructure in it so that its people can live in their homes with dignity.