Our Relief Campaigns

Our Relief Campaign

International relief organization IRO has intervened through a relief campaign in many countries which have left a good impression in the hearts of the oppressed and the needy, among these countries: Bangladesh Burma Syria gaza Africa Lebanon Egypt.

Bangladesh Burma

Slogan “Burma the catastrophe of the time” of the relief campaigns launched by the president of the IRO Organization, engineer Mamdooh Badawi, which was the first campaign (Freedom Flotilla) to break the siege of Burma, whose aim was to highlight the suffering of more than two million Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and the killings and torture of which they are victims to alleviate their suffering, the president of the organization in a press release called on all active institutions and free peoples of the world to support this project given the needs of the populations and the deteriorating humanitarian conditions and that the ship breaking the siege on Burma is a reason to open the door to the main convoys, knowing that it has participated in more than 150 media from The world and Number of activists and activists.

The launch of the siege-breaking ship on Burma took place in Malaysia, accompanied by a delegation from the Malaysian government, where cooperation was carried out with Malaysian militants and the purchase of 1,600 tons of food and medical aid from Malaysia to the fleet heading to Burma, Myanmar

The Freedom Fleet that broke the blockade of Burma has yielded positive results, as it paved the way for further relief and humanitarian campaigns.

The IRO organization focused on a simultaneous human rights and relief campaign, and the relief program was as follows:A visit to a remote border camp, where some water wells have been opened due to the importance of clean water for the oppressed population

Distribution of food baskets to displaced people in the camps, in the “Shakmarkul” camp in the “Ukia” zone. This camp suffers from many problems, where the displaced people live in difficult conditions.

The second point is at Lida camp, in the border area of ​​Tiknav.

Then, the members of the Organization met with the President of Parliament, Sherine Sherman Soudry, in Parliament. The discussion took place on:

  • Bangladesh’s role in protecting and supporting the Rohingya and how to restore their lands and live in lasting peace.
  • Initiative of the effective organization IRO to create the legal file of assistance to the Rohingya and use its legal file to claim the rights of this Muslim minority

Due to the difficult psychological and living conditions suffered by children and women in particular, the Organization has launched an international humanitarian relief campaign to meet the basic needs of children, women and widows affected by the act of ongoing oppression, the President of the Organization having received 1000 Rohingya children with flowers in recognition of the provision. Emergency Aid to Burma, where he oversaw the distribution of aid in 4 refugee centers.

Distribution of aid to widows

In order to coordinate relief operations for Muslims in Burma and the Rohingya refugees, a meeting was held between the organization’s president, Mamdouh Badawi, and a member of the Bangladeshi parliament, Abu Reza Nadwi.

The distinguished initiatives of the IRO in Burma encouraged other associations to coordinate and cooperate with the organization to organize other relief campaigns, all of which focused on the slogan “Burma, the disaster of time”, which had a diverse relief program through which distinguished projects were implemented in Bangladesh, where official visits were organized to stand On the needs of refugees and the distribution of food baskets

A relief campaign to support hundreds of damaged homes in Rohingya refugee camps after rains and storms hit thousands of homes.


The International Relief Organization IRO insisted on entering Syria in times of war by organizing a humanitarian relief campaign for the besieged cities and filling the shortage of food and medical supplies to end the famine and diseases from the demolition of buildings and lack of resources. And clearing the streets of rubble to ensure safe passage for the population and ensure their protection, despite the opposition of the Syrian authorities to the passage of the convoy through dangerous areas due to the war, but this did not deter the organization to continue its work in Syria, it distributed the winter ration, distributed 50 thousand blankets, and established kitchens belonging to the authority that produce a large number Of the meals, there are thousands of meals to be distributed to families under siege.