Medicare Your contribution may

Medicare: Your contribution may be a reason to save someone else's life

International Relief Organization IRO works global on providing medical assistance to the poor and needy patients and to the victims of war and Natural disasters by providing medicines and equipment Medical and incurs the costs of treating patients and surgeries.


In Syria After the agreement reached by the International Relief Organization with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent As an international organization operating in Syria, it has refuted a medical campaign involving ambulances Equipped with mobile hospitals and artificial limbs and Wheelchairs and medical supplies, so that the wounded civilians, especially children, can benefit. Women and the elderly who have been affected by The war and their homes were displaced.

The head of the international relief organization, Engineer Mamdooh Badawi, with the children of Syria from the besieged Yarmouk camp, they have a problem with scabies and it was impossible to get them out of the besieged camp for treatment and because the IRO’s goal is purely humanitarian, it has overcome all obstacles

Distribution of wheelchairs for the disabled

Distribution of baby supplies for infants and the handicapped in Gaza

Medical follow-up and taking charge of certain surgeries in Lebanon

International Relief Organization IRO has also allocated part of the medical care program for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, where they have been cared for and provided with all medical supplies.