Human rights relief

The Freedom Fleet that broke the blockade of Burma has yielded positive results, as it paved the way for further relief and humanitarian campaigns.

The IRO Organization has distinguished itself with Burma’s largest human rights relief campaign, as its members have demonstrated volunteer leadership aimed at pushing the international community to fulfill its humanitarian responsibilities to isolated residents and massacred by force of arms, to collect testimonies from Rohingya refugees who have been victims of human rights abuses at the hands of the Myanmar military and to document and internationalize these crimes in International Legal and Criminal Platforms must be a great motivation to reveal the suffering of a people deserving of an international intervention to protect them and punish the perpetrators of their crimes.
• The Human Rights Delegation, made up of members of the IRO organization, international lawyers, journalists and activists, aims to collect live testimonies from the Rohingya IDPs, in a professional and scientific manner, by collecting testimonies that can be used in the context of judicial follow-up before international courts.

Therefore, the work of the committee is tied to a very specific working mechanism that takes the testimony verbally, recorded, printed and then signed by the parties involved.

To draw the attention of the world, especially the western part, to the serious violations that have occurred in “Arakan”, IRO worked on the participation of famous international journalist Yvonne Ridley at the BBC in the campaign for human rights.

Journalist Yvonne Ridley with Mamdooh Badawi chairman of IRO

IRO and the human rights delegation arrived at Cox Bazaar on December 18, 2017 and began interviewing the Rohingya IDPs in the refugee camps between December 19 and 24, 2017, with the delegation divided into groups within each group. lawyers and translators, and conducted over 60 interviews in more than one region: Kutupalong Mudushara D3DD and Tainhali – Tansemul Khula – Bloka – Thankali

lawyer from Bangladesh was brought in to pass IDP certificates.
After hearing, writing and printing testimony, the committee returns again to the witnesses and in the presence of this lawyer, to ensure that the testimony corresponds to what is written in the newspapers.
After the witnesses signed, the lawyer went to approve them, there were important moments for the committee, which continued its work 5 days in the morning in the camps to take the certificates and at night to print these certificates and check all of its contents to give them maximum credibility, after which the file was handed over to the International Relief Organization IRO by the Human Rights Committee.

IRO contacted international parliaments, as this was the first response from the British Parliament, as IRO received an invitation to address the Rohingya minority suffering from difficult humanitarian conditions, the session was held on 15/03/2018.

The second message was from the International Criminal Court, accepting the file in form and content