Education and school building

Education and school building

More than 264 million children and young people in the world do not go to school because of wars and difficult living conditions and this problem must be addressed because education is the future of nations and is a shared responsibility as the international  Relief Organization took on this responsibility through the completion of a series of projects in the field of education And building schools.

In Burma and Bangladesh, the international Relief Organization implemented an educational project for Rohingya refugee students by offering educational curricula to students who do not have any identification papers in many schools.

IRO has completed a school project called Gaza since 2017 in Bangladesh

In addition, a medical clinic was built on the same site as there is no clinic in this area, and they urgently need a dispensary that serves the area and meets the needs of the residents.

During the visit of the international relief delegation to the School of Islamic Mercy, it became clear to us that crowded places have no place. For new students, because the school is located in a village that is 90% extremely poor Rohingya.

6 new educational classes have been created by the organization at the Al-Rahma Islamic School. The project aims to educate Rohingya refugee children in order to alleviate their suffering and transmit happiness to underprivileged children.

In Syria, the international  Relief Organization launched an educational program for refugees from primary schools from Syria, an educational program for students who had been removed from school, and a special program for literacy courses for adults and young adults.

The International Relief organization sponsors the Special Education School in GazaBy providing educational services to 85 people with special needs and multiple disabilities after informing the authority of the living conditions in the school due to the blockade imposed on the sector and the lack of resources and difficulties faced by the school to cover its operating expenses and the difficult economic conditions for the children’s parents to cover school fees and the medical needs of their children.Therefore, the International Relief Organization has provided a complete stationery that meets the needs of the school for a year in addition to distributing gifts to all children

The organization assisted 500 students who did not reach the minimum level to pay tuition fees for Gaza universities to obtain graduation certificates by paying fees

The organization distributed more than 2000 school bags with school   supplies and school uniforms for students in different areas of Gaza