Child protection and psychological support

Child protection is a set of measures that prevent child abuse, exploitation, and neglect, as well as violence. This affects the psyche of the child as stipulated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and human rights conventions.

Every day there are millions of children. Living in difficult humanitarian conditions as a result of wars, conflicts, poverty, hunger and natural disasters that have had a negative impact on their lives. And their psychological and social development.

The international  Relief Organization seeks to help children in the Rohingya refugee camps and Palestinian camps in Lebanon, Syria and Gambia to draw a smile on their faces through an entertainment program and recreational activities and the distribution of gifts and food that have already contributed to alleviating their suffering.

The head of the international relief organization, Engineer Mamdouh Badawi, with the children of Syria from the besieged Yarmouk camp, they have a problem with scabies and it was impossible to get them out of the besieged camp for treatment and because the IRO’s goal is purely humanitarian, it has overcome all obstacles

Only your heart and your bid to draw a smile of a child …